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Originally Posted by Natrlhi View Post
Sucks that you only got two encore songs. Typically they have been playing a few songs from the other albums after they get done with playing Static Tensions front to back - and *then* they play an encore to boot. You just got the encore, looks like.

Still, a bunch of good Kylesa is better than no Kylesa at all - especially if comes from their latest album (which should be in everyone's top ten, if not five ).

Doesn't their material translate well live, though?!? Especially the dual drummers - holy shit does that sound awesome. The added texture of having two humans (read: keeping very good time with each other, but still not playing EXACTLY the same) playing those killer drum parts just makes me fap. Plus, you get to see how effortlessly Laura does her outstanding work on stage. Chick rocks balls, and makes it look like it ain't nothin' but a G thang, baby. And then ya gots Phil off to the side doing his best John Baizley (only slightly less intense...). Pure awesomeness, this band. Even better live.

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Oh, thats the greatest thing I've heard in awhile
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