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That set is awful. They always put on a high energy show but I would feel cheated if I went and that's all I got. I understand them being proud of the ten year anniversary of the first album but I don't understand why they bombard people with a bunch of stuff from it in the set and the end result being other really good shit gets ignored. It doesn't make sense they've only got 4 albums and they're already turining themselves into a nostalgia act.

I'm still wondering why they've never done Gematria or AHIG live at all after all I thought they were touring in support of that album this past year and they don't even play the two best tracks off the album. Plus, no Disasterpeice or Vermillion I don't think these guys much care anymore about the band now they should just call it quits and Corey can just do Stone Sour from now on.
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