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Originally Posted by ravenheart View Post
Definitely a great show. But Bigelf and Opeth were the highlights for me. Both much better than DT, although DT still nailed it.

But very poor setlist. 'Prophets of War' and 'Wither' are really quite poor songs. Actually, 'Prophets of War' is just crap. And they treated it far too much like a normal set, when it was shorter and needed more songs.

Probably second best of the three DT shows I've seen this year. Their set at Gods of Metal in Italy was superb, but strangely an almost identical set at Sweden Rock was pretty flat.

Still, pretty glad I didn't bother turning up for Unexpect

And you know I'll be there again next time.
I enjoyed bigelf, but didn no their stuff beforehead.. Opeth nailed it (You think im funny? fuck you) and were very awesome.. I agree with DT a bit, Prophets of War was a bad choice off systematic chaos, Wither was deadly though I thought.. The festival setlists were cool, The one at Graspop was quite good, and lively.. Unexpect were awesome I thought
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