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Originally Posted by Sanitarium78 View Post
That's a really good Sabbath set. I would've loved to have seen that. I just did a little checking and it appears that Sabbath, Bloody Sabbath was never played in it's entirerty til 1994 As big as I am on Sabbath I never knew that the song was that rare live. I just firgured during the 70's they played it.

Also, i'm not a big Kiss fan at all but how come almost every set I see even today they always open with Duece and/or Strutter? That seems a bit boring to me
It's the opening track on Alive which was recorded the summer of 1975. The current tour is the Alive 35 tour with a lot of songs from Alive. They also opened the reunion tour with it. They also opened a few shows toward the end of the 1988 tour with it. That's about it.
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