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The other songs they've done on this tour:

As I Am
Metropolis Pt. 1
In The Name of God
Sacrificed Sons
One Last Time
A Rite of Passage
The Spirit Carries On
Hollow Years
Constant Motion
Solitary Shell

That's including the US Progressive Nation tour. Some of those they only did once. Pretty gutted, seeing how many 'Train of Thought' songs they've played elsewhere, that we didn't get any last night.

But I totally agree. Their set is shorter than normal by necessity, so pack the songs in. If you want lots of solos and intrumental jams, save them for a 'Evening with' tour when you've got three hours to fit it all in.

And James has spent less and less time on stage as the years have gone on. He sounded great last night, but he's always stomping on a pedal to give his vocals a shit-ton of reverb, which was quite annoying. Although he'd take it off for the louder stuff.

The best DT set I've seen in the five times I've seen them was an 'Evening with' show on the Train of Thought Tour. Three hours with no support and they played a ton of stuff.

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