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Wow I can just imagine how many people going to the show who were hoping for that 4 man drum solo instead of DT giving them one of their many awesome tunes Way to go Dream Theater nice way to connect with your fans who are paying hard earned money to hear you do your stuff and throwing it back in their faces and not caring at all.

They already had a keyboard solo and TDOE so you don't need a drum jam at all. I still love these guys but i'm failing to understand their set choices for this whole tour. They're only doing 90 minutes they really need to learn to manage the time better than this. You can't have 2 solo's and a instramental in such a short period. Is Lebrie's voice getting so bad he can't even go 90 minutes? I know earlier this tour when they did TTT they cut out the second verse because Lebrie's voice can't handle that range anymore. Their set limitations are really becoming apparent now on this tour and you gotta wonder if Lebrie's voice getting worse is the main reason for that now.

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