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Originally Posted by Natrlhi View Post
It's funny, because I just read your recent post where you said that the main riff in Hall of the Dead by Isis might be this year's riff of the year, and I immediately thought to myself, "Blue Record would like to have a word with you." There is some good shiite on there, ta be sho' as might want to keep the voting for "riff of the year" open for a while longer.

P.S. - the second thought I had was to post, "...then wait until you hear the new Russian Circles", which I now understand that you have.
I'm on top of all that shit, bro. And yeah, there's some riffs on Blue Record that would like to challenge "Hall of the Dead" but I really, really love that riff so we'll see what happens.

EDIT: And there's definitely no riffs quite as awesome as the main riff in the intro of "Isak".
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