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Originally Posted by rjturtle9 View Post
Shit last night was epic. Went to this show for Chthonic and Toxic Holocaust. After went to the merch tables and we chilled with Andrew. Then i find out that TH is playing again that night. So me and my friend booked it and saw Toxic Holocaust again. We even met Joel Grind!!!


1. Rise Of The Shadows
2. Bloody Gaya Fulfilled
4. Spell of Setting Sun : Mirror Of Retribution
5. Forty-Nine Theurgy Chains

Toxic Holocaust
1. Intro
2. March From Hell
3. Gravelord
4. Wild Dogs
5. In The Name Of Science
6. War Is Hell
7. 666
8. Endless Armageddon
9. Lord Of The Wasteland
10. Nuke The Cross

Toxic Holocaust played the same set at both shows. Before they played I asked Joel for Feedback, Blood, and Distortion and he said they would play it, but they didn't It's cool though cause the promoter wanted to stop the show because everyone was getting to crazy knocking over mic stands and shit. But they insisted on finishing the set so it was cool.
Dude are you sure about those Chthonic and Toxic setlists? If yes, do I have the permission to use them for the magazine?
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