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Originally Posted by The Ancient Mariner View Post
I'm just not a big fan of it, mate. Like you say, there are better songs that havent been included ... yet!!! ... examples ... Conjuring, Anarchy, Mary Jane, Hook In Mouth, Take No Prisoners, 5 Magics, Symphony, Foreclosure, Countdown ... and one or two from Endgame ...
They always play Symphony what are you talking about? Take No Prisoners was played every show last tour so i doubt they'll play it this time around. I can't even remember the last time Foreclosure or Countdown were in the set. As for She-Wolf I like the song and don't mind if they play it. It's probably the best song on an otherwise so-so album. If they wanna do something different from that album I think Vortex would be a cool choice.

Let's not get to hard on their song selection yet since they've only done 2 shows so far for this tour and it's a co-headlining show so they're probably not playing as long as they will once they get on their own.

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