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Gojira - Milwaukee, WI - October 7th, 2009

Just got back from Gojira, they played the Rave Bar, which holds about 300 people, which I'm sure was the eventual turnout. I got up front, against the stage, and Zoroaster were the first band. They were pretty boring, just a typical stoner metal band. Burst played next, they were pretty good, they were a hybrid of Cynic and Mastodon. They were mad that they had sound problems, but that happens at every concert. Lazarus AD played next, who are a local thrash band, and they were really good. Finally Gojira played and this was their setlist...

Heaviest Matter of the Universe
Lizard Skin
Ocean Planet
Art of Dying
Drum Solo
Flying Whales
Where Dragons Dwell
Toxic Garbage Island

Like always, Gojira were incredible, they have to be one of the top 5 live bands I have ever seen. Their performance and energy are extremely rare and unreal. After the show, I high-fived all of them, Mario stagedived and I got a pick. After the show, I hung around by the buses, met all of Gojira, and some members of Burst, the singer, and the blonde guitarist. The guitarist was drunk, but awesome, I told him they reminded me of Cynic and he flipped out and thought that was awesome, and we talked a little about Pink Floyd and Genesis and whatnot. Gojira were really cool, I got my ticket stub signed, and I was talking to Mario and how they got on the Metallica tour, and I guess Rob is a big fan and he saw them in France and played them for James and he loved them, so they brought them on tour. Also, Joe said their goal is to headline the ballroom, so hopefully they will.

By the way, they are going to release a DVD, probably earlier next year, and me and some friends were interviewed for it.
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