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Originally Posted by MunicipalWasted View Post
Flannel's the bomb.
Yes, flannel is nice, i'm talking about theses kids that look like they should be chopping wood then shoving the sticks through the holes in thier ears. I do have to disagree with the spitting on the band, trust me i'm a dick also but its simply disrespectful to spit on, throw stuff at, or taunt a band no matter how much you dislike them. Believe me, I've had a few shows I went to where I could not stand some of the bands playing (i.e. Winds of Plague, Abacabb, Between the Buried and Me) but those guys are up there having a good time doing what the love to do, and no matter how bad they suck in your book you quite frankly don't do shit like that. A suggestion, if you are going to a show at which a band you don't like will be playing be sure to take a little invention that costs about $1, Earplugs. Problem solved
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