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Honestly this is why I complain about wiggercore fags because they are dicks and kill every ones good time, that kid behind you seemed like he was having fun,not doing any thing wrong, it sounds like you either didnt like em cause he was fat or cause he liked white chapel either way it just seems ignorant to me. I mean I hate wiggercore kids trust me but I let it go until they start being gay.As far as spitting on white chapel I honestly cant say iv never done anything like that. Iv never spit at a band but I did throw water bottles at necro at sounds of the underground 07,and I wish I had somthing to throw at emmure cause I prolly woulda done it. I did sit down in the middle of the floor tho while emmure was playing and every one thought it was funny.(realy if you ever get stuck seeing emmure spit on them and I wont mind)

Nice Trivium review thats awsome that you got an autographed poster and got to meet all of em. matt sounds like the shit. cant wait till 11/6 gonna be sick

12/19/09-Hatebreed/Cannibal Corpse/Unearth
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