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As much as I hate to admit, it is pretty fucked up to spit on a band, even one as bad as Whitecrapel.
I know it's fucked up. I knew it was fucked up when I started doing it. But I honestly don't care because, as stated, I am a dick.

OP you really are a fucking dick, you're really no better than the guy you were complaining about. in fact, you're worse, the other guy didn't pull any shit like that. if you don't like the band playing, go to the merch booth or outside or in the bathroom to beat off or something.

seriously its fucking retards like you that give metal fans a bad name. go to hell.
I was NOT giving up my spot. I got there too fucking early because I thought the doors opened sooner. It was cold as tits outside too.

I don't give metal fans a bad name. I support bands with talent, I go to the shows, I don't act like a bad ass just because I listen to metal, I BUY the CDs, etc. white chapel, bands like white chapel, and most of their fans give metal fans a bad name.

Would u like it if that happened to you?
No, I wouldn't, but I wouldn't let it ruin my evening like they did. Plus, I would never consider being in a band as shittastic as white chapel so I probably wouldn't have to worry about it.

but its fucking whitechapel so its funny haha.
Everyone around me thought so too, so I'm going to have to agree with them and you.

I do like some stuff by Whitechapel, but I am not, nor will I ever become one of those ignorant fucks that dresses like a lumberjack and gauges their ears so wide that a fucking dildo can fit through it right before they shove it up their own asses cause their little fags

next time i see a really shitty band like whitechapel, i will retire to the bathroom and beat off. you have my word.
I'll be the man in the other stall doing the same.
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