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KISS - Sonic Boom

Here's my review of Sonic Boom!

Sonic Boom was announced about 4 weeks ago (don't quote me on that) and I had mixed emotions, one being will this be a piece of crap or will this be an album I'll play the shit out'll find out the answer to that after you read the review The first piece of music we got was the single Modern Day Delilah was very good and a great look at what type of album we were getting. Then after that 30 second samples of each song were put out there.....I thought we had a Sonic Dud after listening to these samples. Shortly after the samples the entire album was leaked....I had not planned on listening anything until the release of the album but I was given the cd by a friend who had downloaded it. I came home cranked and again mixed emotions. The album didn't seem to great until I played it for the 3rd of 4th time, the album grows on you and makes you proud to be a fan of the "hottest band in the world"

I had stopped listening to it about 2 weeks ago and made the decision that I was waiting for the album to come out to listen to it again. Last night I picked up a copy at Wal*Mart and heard the songs in perfect quality with great sound. Mr. Stanley has a lot to be proud of!

And now for a track by track breakdown/rating.

Modern Day Delilah - The single, the first song on the album. Great choice for the first song on the album. You hit play then bam you're instantly bobbing your head to a kick ass riff. Stanley's vocals on this are perfect...the first line "I still remember when I saw your face across the room" made my jaw drop. The song could have been on Revenge (minus Thayer's solo which is more Ace than Bruce.) Overall the song is great, I love Gene's vocals during the chorus! solid song which I give a 10/10.

Russian Roulette - Starts off with a wicked bass line by the God Of Thunder. This song has yet to grab me really, it's not really close to any of his past songs. And you can tell this song is 2009 KISS. Eric's drumming on this is superb and Tommy's solo rips but other than that nothing real special 7.5/10

Never Enough - Very hair metal KISS here. In fact it's very similar to Poison's Nothing But A Good Time. You can tell Tommy Thayer had a hand in writing this, this sounds like that hit Black n Blue (Tommy's old band) never had. That being said it's till anthemic KISS. Kind of between Lick It Up and Crazy, Crazy Nights. I'd give it a 9/10

Yes I Know (Nobody's Perfect) - Very 70's KISS. Chessy lyrics similar to Gene's songs from Rock And Roll Over and Love Gun. Cool song, in my opinion nothing special..but it does get bonus points for cowbell! 8/10

Stand - God Gave Rock N Roll To You II meets I. They haven't confirmed it but the song sounds like Gene and Paul wrote it about themselves and their friendship. The song is my least favorite on the album but it's not shit. 6/10

Hot And Cold - Love the chorus line.....middle of the road in terms of Gene Simmons songs. 7/10

All For The Glory - Eric Singer makes his vocal debut. Love it! I can see this being sung by Peter Criss on Love Gun....very cool song and the chorus is catchy as hell. 10/10

Danger Us - Best riff on the album! If you're a fan of Paul's 1978 solo album you'll feel right at home with this track.9.5/10

I'm An Animal - Son of God Of Thunder and Not For The Innocent. I LOVE this song, just 100% Gene Simmons. And quite possibly the best KISS song since Unholy. Bonus points for the satanic Simmons scream at the end. 10/10

When Lightning Strikes - Who knew Tommy can sing? I for sure didn' least this good. Love the riff and love the solo. Early favorite for sure. 10/10

Say Yeah - YEEEEAAAAAAHHHH!!!!!!! My personall fave. and a perfect way to end the album. 100/10 (I'm a sucker for anthemic KISS songs.)

overall the album is solid. Somewhere between a 8 and a 9.

The artwork - not a fan 5/10
The title - 1/10
The Music - 9/10When the band is done (which might be soon) I think I'll look back at KISS like this.

Landmark albums:

KISS (The debut)
Rock And Roll Over
Creatures Of The Night
Lick It Up
Sonic Boom!

(I personally would throw Hotter Than Hell and Carnival Of Souls in there as well)

Thanks for reading!

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