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Originally Posted by ADD View Post
Bision BC from Canada played next and do a poor impersonation of the High On Fire/Mastodon circa 2002 sound. Didn't like the album when I first heard it, thought they might be better live, wrong. They have great energy and stage presence, clearly they're enthusiastic about what they do and look happy doing it, so more power to em. They got more cheers than indifference too which was nice. I didn't care for it though. Chops without songs = gtfo. Last two songs they did were a little better than the rest ("These Are My Dress Clothes" and something about the infinite infinitude of outer space) but overall I didn't care for them.
Thanks for your objective review of Bison B.C. - that was really refreshing. RESPEK! (Ali G) This is the second mediocre review I've read on these guys on this site, and as I said in my other post I kinda like them on album. Huh. I agree they are no HoF but I give them credit for even being close. Maybe they just aren't that good live.

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If this show had gone down a year ago I probably wouldn't have thought twice about going, but the new Kylesa album has become one of my most played this year, so I had to show some love to these guys and gal for making such a crucial record by catching it live. The intensity in the performance wasn't quite there, but they sounded spot on for the most part. Favorite aspect was the dual drummers, really beefs up the sound and adds a distinct flavor without being overbearing, as in they are good at knowing when to just keep the rhythm simultaneously and when to play off each other to create those dazzling fills and accents that propel the songs.
I'm fucking lovin' this crew as of late. Their opening gig with Mastodon was sweet as hell, and they played an awesome set last year on tour with...I forget whom. But they only had one drummer then, and they were still damn good. Much love to Kylesa!

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They played Static Tensions start to finish

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And Phil reminds me of the dude from Office Space:

...or John Baizley.

9/2 Chelsea Wolfe
9/5 Old Man Gloom
10/28 Acid King
11/13 Windhand

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