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Originally Posted by PowerMaiden View Post
with all your respect my friend, how old are you, 20 ? maybe 25, so you've seen them 2 times, you can't compare what is a Metallica joke now to what a real top notch performance with full balls on they were capable of in their prime in the 80's and early 90's, when you have withnesses those glory days (like me) it's really an embarrassement to see them live now, they just can't deliver nothing, no energy, no talent, no aggressivity, they are not even able to play their old stuff ok, I've seen cover band play those songs way better, it's a shame really, they were so great back in the day .

As for today's band standart in terms of showmanship and musicianship you said it yourself, compare a Metallica performance to a Megadeth, or Slayer one and you're already in another league. And I'm not even bringing on the mighty gods in the debate.

Cheers !
Well yeah, I know.. I'm just pointing out the two times I've seem them have been good, but in no way would they compare to even what Iv seen on DVD from those days (ha imagine that, a young'un is agreein with you through what he's seen on a DVD), I can only imagine bein at those shows in person. And yes exactly, its poor, hence Slayer are my favorite out of the big four. And tis true, Maiden need not be mentioned
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