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Originally Posted by SerpentineVIVIVI View Post
Eh, the ferocity is debatable. I'm not saying you're totally wrong, they're a good live band in terms of energy and all, but when I go to a show, it's really for the WHOLE package, and Metallica only truly deliver in energy.

And EXACTLY proving my next point, what you said about the five album streak being a top reason why you will always see them, they are a nostalgia band now, or at least really damn close. Sure, Death Magnetic is cool and all (granted it got old really quick), who the hell is going to see Metallica for their new stuff? Nobody. And I would forgive that if they could competently play their old stuff and sounds respectable, but shit like you mentioned bout Kirk's solo and James' awful singing (which I've seen/heard both)'s just unprofessional and ,for me, unforgivable. You can have your opinion though, I'm just using your statements as a spring for my own

To PowerMaiden:
Im well aware that the ferocity is debatable, Just the irish shows Iv seen have probably just been luck of the draw good nights for them. And I agree, but that happens to every band wit a twenty year or more legacy. I mean look at Maiden, last album was pretty cool, no doubt, but in all honesty would you pay to see it more than once? The key difference though is that maiden, and priest, and megadeth, and most other bands youd care to mention wit that many years behind them can do their old stuff better than metallica can do theirs. All in all I agree with you. With Metallica its not the quality of the songs we're after, its the principle of seein em bein done by the originals
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