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Originally Posted by Dextrimental View Post
I getcha.. To be honest when I saw them in Dublin in August it was awesome, we got one of the best setlists Ive since Death Magnetic came out, but Kirk forgot the tapping solo in One, and James voice was all over the shop, they did Blackened and Fight Fire with Fire, and it was like watching the best cover band we'll ever see. They're not the same band since Load and Reload when they had the image overhaul. Which is a crying shame, but at least they've not yet completely gone up their own asses, they're still bringing out good line ups, and playing for two hours a night, even if their setlists can be very questionable.
That's a good perspective at least. Perfect for them actually, the best Metallica cover band is Metallica themselves . Too true now that I think of it. You do have reason though, at least they play good-length sets and generally good lineups. Still, they'll never be the same, and I'll always have that bias now

Oh well, that's why there's thousands of other bands
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