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I was at this. It was my first outdoor festival, so with no previous experieince it didn't feel unusual that over 100,000 people showed up.

Our coach got stuck in the traffic tailback and as a result I arrived while Helloween were already half way into Halloween. Really enjoyed them and at the time it felt like they would be back much further up the bill in a few years.

Guns N Roses were booked well in advance of the show and they went huge in the interim. I guess it would have been difficult to move them up the bill, but the push to the front when they came on was scary. We backed out to around the sound tower. The set felt really disjointed due to them stopping due to the crushing down the front and we had no idea how serious it was until they announced after Maiden what had happened. One of the screens blew down during their set too I think.

Megadeth were one of my favourite bands then and they didn't disappoint. The guitar sound was terribly thin I seem to recall but Dave was at his sneery best.

I wasn't particularly excited to see David Lee Roth but his energy won me over. A lot of people on the coach going home thought he came close to stealing show but I wasn't enough of a fan to get that from him.

I really had no knowledge of early Kiss until a few weeks before the show. I knew them for Crazy Nights and saw them as a bit of a light weight addition. I was then given Alive & Alive II and it all made sense. Thought they played a great set and was a really good party atmosphere. Even Crazy Crazy Nights went down well. However, they were definitely in the right slot.

This was Maiden's first Donington and there was no other position but headline they could have been in at this time. Bruce had announced they were headlining the previous year when he appeared on stage with Bon Jovi. I recall a huge crowd surge during The Prisoner were I had no control on where I was going for half the song and ended up moving a bit further back as a result. The slope meant I got a great view of the fantastic stage show. The sound was by no means perfect but the atmosphere was electric.

As I said they announced after Maiden about the two deaths which obviously put a huge dampener on the day and this was before mobile phones so we couldn't call home and let our families know we were OK. Sat for 2 hours on the coach in the car park waiting for the traffic to move.
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