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Originally Posted by SerpentineVIVIVI View Post
I find it really sad that you say that, honestly. That kind of mentality is just so narrow minded, I'm sorry. Maybe for Metallica, and for Gene Simmons, or whoever else, but not for every band, and certainly not for even 95% of bands out there.

And in regards to what they did for metal, I never said anything about that, and I think it's great what they did and I stand by that. Just post-Black Album is exactly the opposite of what they did for metal, so they're fucking black and white. It's as if they negated themselves as to how much they've embarrassed themselves, musically and as people.

Not true. They did it because they wanted to do it, it wasn't Bob Rock's or anyone else's decision. If Load & Re-Load had been released under a different bandname, everyone would've liked them.

Besides, both records could've very well flopped too, so luck was also involved. And yes, most bands want to earn a living from their music. Ask.
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