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Originally Posted by pantera1115 View Post
Dude I fucking feel you, the free side stage at music as a weapon was the most pathetic display of wiggercore fagatry iv ever seen in my life. It was a big hxc crew that showd up just to ruin every1s fun. and they jumped so many people during the show just for bumping them in a mosh pit, and it became a big war between us metal heads, and the hxc fags and we won. During Suicide Silence most of the crew got kicked out. I dunno if they bought tickets to go inside but I heard a guard say they wernt allowed in so id call that a victory.
yaa dude it's fucking pathetic. i'm done going to shows that are based off deathcore lineups. if it's only one deathcore band it's not as bad but it will still attract these lameass deathcore faggots. fuck those crews. wiggercore crews are the worst trend to ever come out of this world.
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