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The more gig reports I see about Trivium, the more fucking excited I get. I've seen them before but it was a few years ago with Lamb Of God, Machine Head, and Gojira. They opened directly for Machine Head so they only played 6 songs, 3 from Ascendancy and 3 from The Crusade. Very happy they won't be playing any from The Crusade.

Holy shit, I've never been to a venue with that amount of shitty bullshit. The security guards I've seen are, most of the time, cool and funny. They'll talk shit with you in between bands and if you see a pick on the other side of the rail and point it out before anyone else, they'll give it to you usually. At the last Hatebreed show I pointed one out and the guy picked it up, shrugged, and walked off with it. But yeah, that venue sounds fucking horrible and would probably piss me off as much, if not more, than you.

Motherfuck! I hate fagcore dancers. Whoever started that shit needs to get butt raped, with no lube. My cousin and I are going to try to get to the venue super early so we will only have to worry about getting kicked by crowd surfers and not getting hit by faggot ass air fighting queers and shoving them as hard as we can to make them fuck off.
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