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Originally Posted by xStructualDefect View Post
jesus christ that venue sounds like it sucks balls. you should've came to the pomona show on thursday. security were chill there. the only time security went into the mosh pit was during Whitechapel when the lameass hardcore dancers would accidentally hit eachother and start fights.

and by the way FUCK brocore wigger hardcore dancers. i always hated them but i gained a new hate for them. during Whitechapel people were hardcore dancing and some guy accidentally hit a brocore dancer while hardcore dancing so the brocore and his brocore crew tried to start a fight with him but was stopped by security. after the show i find out that brocore crew had jumped the same guy who accidentally hit one of the brocore dancer. sooner or later the ambulance and cops came so it must've been serious.

whoever was at the pomona show the crew i'm talking about were the guys in the middle of the pit after Whitechapel and were chanting "play another song" and "FUCK TRIVIUM!"

what a bunch of fucking faggots. i seriously hope every single one of these brocore dancers die and burns in hell. fuck them. i almost got jumped at a Suicide Silence show cuz i punched a brocore in the face when he was purposely trying to be an ass and hardcore dance on me and others. so that faggot's brocore crew were looking for me at the end of the show.
Dude I fucking feel you, the free side stage at music as a weapon was the most pathetic display of wiggercore fagatry iv ever seen in my life. It was a big hxc crew that showd up just to ruin every1s fun. and they jumped so many people during the show just for bumping them in a mosh pit, and it became a big war between us metal heads, and the hxc fags and we won. During Suicide Silence most of the crew got kicked out. I dunno if they bought tickets to go inside but I heard a guard say they wernt allowed in so id call that a victory.

Oh and b halperin thats bullshit about the security. id get every 1 i know to complain about that shit I mean people must of been pissed that they were that ruthless that you couldnt even enjoy that show you paid to see. I meen I cant imagine a show where they dont allow moshing or crowd surfing... Fuck That

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