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Trivium -- Ventura, CA -- October 2nd, 2009

I gotta start by saying this was one of the most fun shows I've been too. All the bands (with exception of Whitechapel) played amazing sets! The intensity when Trivium came on was so awesome and they geniunely were having an amazing time!

I got a spot in the front right next to the rail, and took some tight pictures!

First band was Dirge Within. They were really great! Maybe it was because they were the first band I had seen in a while.

I know they played "Force Fed Lies" somewhere in the middle and ended with "Forever the Martyr." They played for 30 minutes.

Next up was Darkest Hour. It was my 2nd time seeing them. They always put on a great show live!

I know that they played:
Sadist Nation
The Tides (I'll put a video link up soon)
and they definetely ended with: Demon(s)

Thanks to xStructuralDefectx for finding out, they will be coming back to headline soon! Should be fun

Trivium review will be up soon, since there is a limit on how many picture you can post, and it went over it when I posted the Trivium ones. It will be up shortly!
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