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Originally Posted by TonyD View Post
Saviours was ok, I wasn't expecting much because I had heard them once or twice and didn't think much of it, and Shaxul wrote them off a while back. Better than I expected and not bad for a support band, it would have been way more fun if there were more than 2-3 people moshing during their faster bits.
The bill also had Kowloon Walled City opening but I showed up late.
Word, their new stuff is in a different league though, they've kinda morphed from stoner metal to a more NWOBHM influenced sound which I'm digging. Shaxul's not the only older dude I've encountered who isn't so hot on them either, I think its gotta be an old metalhead thing (people used to give Death Angel shit when they were first coming up too). It can be hard to tell if young bands are authentic in what they're doing so I think older dudes are leery at times, but you can't deny that they bring the rock. Kowloon Walled City are alright, would be down to see them.
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