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Originally Posted by mankvill View Post

Did any of the scene kids at the free Owl City show in the backyard accidently come inside?
Haha I can't believe I left that part out. Parking lots were packed as shit. And there were people everywhere and had to park @ a Boston Market which I didn't even know still exisisted. There were people out the ass every where, instantly I knew something had to be up, plus the people seemed to get a little more attractive as I got closer which was a definite white flag. There was a girl in front of me that tried to get in and they had to tell her what was going on, I hope she felt stupid as she should listening to that crap. I hope everybody froze their ass off in the 50 degree temperature, serves them right. I can only hope that happens for the Cannibal Corpse show next month. I have visions of Corpsegrinder literally trying to eat those kids and it makes me . I'm embarassed I left that out.

That place absolutely off when they did "Spacegrass" I was thrown off for about 10 seconds b/c I was not expecting that @ all. I heard him saying "Jesus On The Dashboard..." and I was freakin out and yep place absolutely exploded singing every word. I knew there would be jealousy...
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