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Post Steel Panther -- West Chester, PA -- October 1, 2009

The show was at The Note in West Chester which is a small club owned by Bam Margera (of "Jackass" and "Viva La Bam" fame). The show was sold out but it wasn't that packed, which was nice. Steel Panther did not disappoint. They sounded great, and the banter between songs was hilarious, almost like a stand-up comedy routine. I wish they had played fewer covers and more of their own songs (e.g. "The Shocker"), but they obviously wanted to feature a lot of special guests and I think they also had to deal with an 11:00 curfew.

Eyes of a Panther
Asian Hooker
Fat Girl (Thar She Blows)
Party All Day (Fuck All Night)
Community Property
Guitar Solo
Photograph [Def Leppard cover] (with April, Phil and Jess Margera)
Naughty Naughty [Danger Danger cover] (with Ted Poley)
Girl from Oklahoma
Sweet Child O' Mine [Guns N' Roses cover] (with Jimmy Pop and Ryan Dunn)
Death to all but Metal
- - - - - - - - - - - -
Kickstart My Heart [Mötley Crüe cover]

If you haven't heard of Steel Panther, allow me to recommend the following videos (NSFW):
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