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Clutch -- Kansas City, MO -- October 1st, 2009

Got there too late for Revoution Mother. Never heard of Lionize but they were a damn good opening act. Tim Sult played in Lionize as well. Very good stuff, kind of bluesy, kinda of a trippy sound. Fit very well w/ a Clutch show.

Wish I knew more of the Wino catalog so I can't comment much but I definitley enjoyed Wino's performance. Plus he broke a couple of strings on his guitar that were getting caught in his long hair. Would def like to hear Wino again when I knew his material a little better.

These should be in order

Gravel Road
Child Of The City
Struck Down
50,000 Unstoppable Watts
The Amazing Kreskin
I Have The Body Of John Wilkes Booth
Slow Hole To China
Bakerton Jam
Abraham Lincoln
Elephant Riders
Electric Worry / One Eye Dollar

Texan Book Of The Dead

Clutch still continues to be one of the most consistent live acts that I've seen and have yet to disapoint me when I see them. It's amazing that everytime I see them I still manage to say wow there are 2 or 3 songs I've never heard live. Hell yes for getting "Spacegrass"!!!!! It was nice that Clutch actually did an encore this time. Last time I saw them headline there was no encore and kind of disapointing. Crowd was really actually pretty cool and really no KC d-bags like I normally see. Merch is incredibly cheap. All t-shirts are only $20 which is a pretty fair price. I went and bought a huge freaking Clutch sticker that is almost 2' long. Bought 2 for $10 and bought a Clutch coozie (sp?) as well that was only $5. Amazing stuff!!!!! Wished for a little more from Blast Tyrant or anything from Pure Rock Fury but still it's all good!!! A great time as always at a Clutch show.

Final Count:
S/T - 3
Elephant Riders - 2
Slow Hole... - 1
Blast Tyrant - 1
Robot Hive / Exodus - 2
Beale Street - 3
Strange Cousins - 5
10/7 - Run The Jewels

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