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Trivium -- Pamona, Ca -- October 1st, 2009

Venue: Glass House

This was one of the best metal shows I have been to. All the bands except whitechapel blew me away.

Dirge Within where up first, and they were the second best band of the night. Met the band after their set got autographs and a copy of the setlist.

Dirge Within
1. Self Medicate
2. Force Fed Lies
3. As I walk
4. Spit
5. Saint of Humanity
6. Forever the Martyr

I hate these guys on their albums but live they surprised me. they tore the place up and seemed to be the second most popular band of the night. I don't know why they were the second band on should have been third. Great set talented guitar player. I met the singer before, and after the set and he gave me the setlist for this also.

Darkest Hour
1. Doomsayer
2. Sound the Surrender
3. The Tides
4. Paradox With Flies
5. The Sadist nation
6. No God
7. Sadist Nation
8. Demon(s)

Worst band of the night, absolutely terrible. Singer was annoying on stage, and I swear I saw people doing karate moves in the pit. I do own their albums though, and I believe this is the set. Hopefully someone went who enjoyed them and has a the setlist. Crowd was chanting for more after they got off. Some where even saying fuck Trivium.

1. This is Exile
2. Exalt
3. Somatically Incorrect
4. Daemon
5. Prostatic Fluid
6. Vicer Exciser
7. Posession
8. Eternal Refuge

The main act Trivium. This was my fourth time seeing them, and they tore it up best show of I've seen. Matt said repeatedly that this was the best audiece of the tour and that the band has been a bit discouraged due to low ticket sales but that our energy reminded him of why he does what he does. True or not I don't know, either way the crowd was amazing. Trivium changed up their set abit since the other shows. met them after the show and took some pics and asked Matt about a possible live dvd anytime soon, and he said probably not so there ya go.

1. The End of Everything
2. Rain
3. The Deceived
4. When All Light Dies
5. Suffocating Sight
6. Into the Mouth of Hell
7. Down From the Sky
8. My Hatred
9. Torn Between Scylla and Charybdis
10. Throes of Perdition
11. Like Light to the Flies
12. A Gunshot to the Head of Trepidation
13. Pull Harder on the Strings of Your Martyr

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