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Trivium -- Pomona, CA -- October 1st, 2009

i am 100% on all bands and they are also all IN ORDER.

Darkest Hour
With A Thousand Words To Say But One
Sound the Surrender
The Tides
A Paradox With Flies
Sadist Nation

This is Exile
Somatically Incorrect
Prostatic Fluid
Vicer Exciser
Eternal Refuge

End of Everything (tape)
The Decieved
When All Light Dies
Suffocating Sight
Into the Mouth of Hell We March
Down From The Sky
My Hatred
Torn Between Scylla and Charybdis
Thrones of Perdition
Like Light To The Flies
Gunshot to the Head of Trepidation
Pull Harder on the Strings of Your Martyr

what a great fucking show. i arrived at the venue about an hour before the show started. Dirge Within comes on around 7 and they didn't sound too bad, but they kind of bored me after a few songs. they did however get one decent circle pit that lasted half a song.

20 minutes later Darkest Hour comes on stage. to my suprise they had finally stopped opening with Doomsayer and replaced it with With A Thousand Words To Say But One, which is awesome because that is my favorite song by them. they got a really good crowd reaction and the pit got really active at times especially for Sadist Nation. they closed wirh Demons and a lot of people knew the words to it. great perfomance and can't wait to see Darkest Hour again!

Whitechapel comes on about 30 minutes after Darkest Hour. before i write this review let me start off by saying i actually like some Whitechapel songs and they past 2x i saw them they were entertaining. this time i can honestly say they bored me halfway through the first song. the crowd looked very bored as well. Darkest Hour easily had a much better crowd reaction and should have played after Whitechapel. WC asks for a circle pit and no one responds. the only people in the pit were the hardcore dancers standing around waiting for a breakdown. it's lame how all the fast parts to their songs, their fans looked bored, but as soon as a breakdown comes in they all stop looking bored and hardcore dance. what a bunch of lameasses. i then realized i was done with giving deathcore bands a chance. i'm done with that shit it's fucking pathetic. I now have no interest in Whitechapel anymore or to even give any deathcore band a chance. the only exception is Suicide Silence who for some reason i like and i will continue to support and go to their shows.

now onto Trivium. i am not the biggest Trivium but i have been listening to them frequently for the past 2 or 3 months. i had seen the setlist already so i was expecting them to open with Kirsute Gomen. to my suprise they opened with Rain. the crowd opens up a big circle pit and everyone is singing along. it is like that for pretty much their entire set. the crowd was full of a lot of energy most of the entire set.

overall i had a really good time at this show. i'm really stoked see Bodom and Black Dahlia next saturday at the same venue that this show took place in. considering that this is a smaller type of venue for Bodom, so they're playing 2 nights there.
i also happened to meet Darkest Hour at their meet and greet after Whitechapel's set. the drummer told me they were heading out for a HEADLINING TOUR IN MARCH!
1.19 Nightwish
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