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Kylesa -- Los Angeles, CA -- September 30th, 2009

Finally got out to my first legit metal show in LA last night, had to roll solo though cuz my homie from UCLA who was supposed to come with bailed cuz of "homework" (fucker was just partying at his frat, don't worry though I him after I went back to crash at his place). Anyways, the show was good, crowd was really lame, glad I chose to go rather than not. Good adventure.

Black Math Horsemen played first and did a competent psychedelic take on the NeurIsis/quiet-loud rock. Not a negative that they are fronted by an attractive female bassist. Some really good parts, some really boring parts, lots of meandering, overall good if a little boring. Didn't make me wanna pursue them further but I wouldn't mind if I happened to catch them again opening a cool bill.

Bision BC from Canada played next and do a poor impersonation of the High On Fire/Mastodon circa 2002 sound. Didn't like the album when I first heard it, thought they might be better live, wrong. They have great energy and stage presence, clearly they're enthusiastic about what they do and look happy doing it, so more power to em. They got more cheers than indifference too which was nice. I didn't care for it though. Chops without songs = gtfo. Last two songs they did were a little better than the rest ("These Are My Dress Clothes" and something about the infinite infinitude of outer space) but overall I didn't care for them.

Doomriders were supposed to be on this tour but dropped out cuz Converge got that big tour and they overlap so Saviours were added as the replacement. I was bummed not to see Doomriders cuz I haven't seen em yet and am really digging on their records lately (new one is a slapper check it out), and I'd seen Saviours before and know their bag of tricks so I wasn't quite stoked on them going in. But, as usual, the Bay prevails and Saviours turned in the best performance of the night. Played all new tunes except for "Narcotic Sea", which was rad cuz its my favorite song of theirs. Since I last saw them they got a new lead guitarist, the drummer is kickin the double bass (!), and the singer/guitarist got more tats. They all got more chops and sounded fresh and big. Cyrus' bass tone was great, kinda bittersweet that now since Saviours are getting big that means Drunk Horse are on hiatus for the most part, but at least he's putting those mean bass chops to use in another good band. You can also smell him before you see him. Saviours do heavy metal about as good as you'll get right now. I also heard they're playing down here again with Saint Vitus in January Setlist:

Acid Hand
Narcotic Sea
We Roam
Livin In The Void
Slave To The Hex

If this show had gone down a year ago I probably wouldn't have thought twice about going, but the new Kylesa album has become one of my most played this year, so I had to show some love to these guys and gal for making such a crucial record by catching it live. The intensity in the performance wasn't quite there, but they sounded spot on for the most part. Favorite aspect was the dual drummers, really beefs up the sound and adds a distinct flavor without being overbearing, as in they are good at knowing when to just keep the rhythm simultaneously and when to play off each other to create those dazzling fills and accents that propel the songs. They played Static Tensions start to finish then started into a set of older material. I had to bail to catch the bus so I only caught like 10 minutes of the post-Static stuff, it was either a really long song or a medley because they played through for those roughly 10 minutes without a noticeable change, I dunno. Sounded cool though. And Phil reminds me of the dude from Office Space:

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