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Satyricon -- Orlando, FL -- September 29th, 2009

Venue: Club Firestone in Downtown Orlando

I got there around 7 o'clock and doors were at 8 so I sat there constantly looking at the clock while sweating wondering why the hell time was going by so slow. I walked over to an ATM across the street, got money and as I was walking back I almost got hit by a football. I picked it up and looked around to see who had thrown it, and it was Joel Grind from Toxic Holocaust and the touring drummer. They apologized and I said it was all good. I talked to them for about a minute then went back in line.

The opening band was some local band and every time the singer mentioned there name I could not understand what the hell it was. I still don't even know the name of the band. Anyways, their set was not my cup of tea, up until the last song. It reminded me of Aborted and was pretty good.

Next on the stage was ChthoniC (Black Metal from Taiwan). I had heard about them from friends who went to Ozzfest and they had been right. Extremely entertaining band and the music was pretty good. I think I'd have to listen to more of their stuff though before I purchased a CD though. The bassist, who is a woman, did an excellent job. Surprising to see in a black metal band (I'm not trying to be sexist).

1. An intro clip (no idea what)
2. ??????
3. ??????
4. Spell of Setting Sun : Mirror Of Retribution
5. Forty-Nine Theurgy Chains

Next up was Toxic Holocaust. It was great to see these guys again (my first time seeing them was on the At The Gates reunion tour). Just balls out thrash metal. They do an amazing job with it. I'll be seeing them again at the end of this month.

Toxic Holocaust
1. ????
2. Wild Dogs
3. In The Name Of Science
4. War Is Hell
5. 666
6. Endless Armageddon
7. Lord Of The Wasteland
8. Nuke The Cross

Bleeding Through hit the stage next. Personally, I am a fan of Bleeding Through so I was looking forward to their set, although most of the people around me weren't. They put on a great set, with lots of energy, but the set was extremely short it seemed. I think they either gave up some of their time to allow the local band to have open, OR at the end of the "last song" that they were going to play, the bassist and one of the guitarists lost all sound, completely. It was so electrical failure and then the curtains closed. So I'm not sure what cause such a short set, but it was a damn good set.

Bleeding Through
1. Finnis Fatalis Spei
2. Declaration
3. Orange County Blonde And Blue
4. Love Lost in a Hail of Gun Fire
5. For Love And Failing
6. Revenge I Seek
7. Sister Charlatan

Finally, Satyricon hit the stage. They are probably one of the best sounding live bands that I have ever seen. All the songs sounded perfect and the mixing from the sound board was awesome. Everyone was singing along and chanting and cheering. I am extremely glad that I got to see a headlining set for my first Satyricon show. Fuck the opening slot for Cradle of Filth they did earlier in the year. Anyways, awesome show!

1. Repined Bastard Nation
2. The Wolfpack
3. Now, Diabolical
4. Havoc Vulture
5. Forhekset
6. Black Crown On A Tombstone
7. A New Enemy
8. My Skin Is Cold
9. Die By My Hand
9. The Pentagram Burns
10. K.I.N.G.
11. Fuel For Hatred
12. Mother North

ChthoniC - I think they had 2 shirts for 20 bucks.

Toxic Holocaust - 4 or 5 shirts for 20 bucks. Their full length albums (3 albums) on CD and Vinyl. Can't remember prices.

Bleeding Through - 4 or 5 shirts for 20 bucks and a tank top for 20 bucks. They had the new CD for 10 bucks.

Satyricon - 2 or 3 shirts for 20 bucks (one shirt was a tour shirt). 1 or 2 hoodies for 40 bucks. A long sleeve for 30 bucks. They were also selling tour posters for 5 bucks which you could get signed after the show.

After The Show
I bought the tour poster so I got to meet Satyr and Frost after the show. I got them to sign my Dark Medieval Times, Nemesis Divina, and Volcano CD booklets. Extremely nice guys. They signed anything anyone asked them to sign and took a couple pictures initially but stopped because the security guards started kicking everyone out since the place was closing.

I got Joel Grind to sing my Overdose of Death booklet and got a picture with him. I met the Brandon (singer), Brian (guitarist), Dave (guitarist), and Marta (keyboardist) from Bleeding Through. I also met Doris (the bassist from ChthoniC). Got pictures with Doris, Joel, Brian, and Marta.
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