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Originally Posted by SerpentineVIVIVI View Post
That's a nice story, really cool man

It's such a shame Metallica are what they are now, after reading this I can't help but feel betrayed somehow
What do you mean by that? Selling tons of records, filling every venue they play in and making shit tons of money yeah it's a real shame where the guys in the band are now it must be so hard for them to get by Plus they brought metal to the masses and got a lot of people including myself into metal who otherwise may have never even given it a chance. Yeah both Loads weren't great and St. Anger was just awful but it doesn't take away from what they've done for the metal world.

I'm sure if someone could go back in time to this gig and tell the guys the type of success they were going to have they would've been estatic if they believed you of course. Where they are now is exactly where they wanted to be then. No band is in the music buisness because they wanna make great music they're in it to make money and you're mistaken if you believe anything else.

I would've loved to see this gig but I was only seven at the time and didn't know who Metallica was for another 3 years. Excellent review
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