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Originally Posted by BookOfThel78 View Post
This is my second time seeing them and yet again no FADE TO BLACK. Why of all places did they choose to play I Dissapear in San Antonio still beckens me. Fade to Black should been played instead.
Due to how little Fade To Black has been played since this toured started last year I have a few theory's on what the band is dong here. First they may just be playing it less because they want it to be more special when they do play it. Second maybe because they've played it a thousand times over their career and are just more tired of playing it than anything else and are slowly moving it into retirement. Either way it should at least be a rotation song. I can't see why they're so hell bent on doing NEM every single night and not feel the same about FTB. At the very least they could rotate these two songs every other night. The five times i've seen them live they did FTB each time so it's not gonna bother me as much when I see them in November if they don't play it. But I can see if it's someone's first time seeing them or if they haven't seen them for awhile why you would get upset at it not being in there. To tell you the truth i've gotten used to it not being a regular anymore and i've moved on.
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