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surprised to see no one has Goliaths Disarm Thier Davids? o well
A good solid healining set, which im sure they could play if they really wanted to....sorry if i forgot any good ones, im pretty much half asleep right now

1- Moonshield (with the acoustic intro!!!)
2- The Jesters Dance
3- Embody The Invisible
4- Free Fall
5- Condemned
6- Clay Man
7- Zombie Inc.
8- Eraser
9- Jotun
10- Stand Ablaze
11- Crawl Through Knives
12- Touch of Red Outro/Like You Better Dead
13- Reflect The Storm
14- Disconnected
15- Jester Script Transfigured
16- Resin
17- Minus
18- Swim
19- Dead Eternity
20- Goliaths Disarm Thier Davids
21- Only For The Weak
22- The Jester Race
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