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Children of Bodom -- Chicago, IL -- September 27th, 2009

first off let me say, this is my 4th time seeing Bodom and it was by far the best.

Skeletonwitch- i had just gotten into these guys about 2 months ago so i wasnt extremely familiar, but a fan nontheless. and an even bigger fan after seeing them as they put on a brutal show, nothin really wrong/bad/dissapointing. and they reallly got the crowd going, we were moshing before they even started 8/10

Upon Wings of Black
Crushed Beyond Dust
Beyond the Permafrost
Submit to the Suffering
Soul Thrashing Black Sorcery
Within My Blood

Black Dahlia Murder- these guys have never really tickled my fancy, i dont dislike them, i just dont really listen to them, atho this is my 3rd time seeing them live and they always put on a good show, and im pretty sure this was thier set 7/10

Everything Went Black
Black Valor
Closed Casket Requiem
A Vulgar Picture
What A Horrible Night to Have A Curse
Christ Deformed
Funeral Thirst

CHILDREN OF BODOM- the main reason i was here, to see one of my favorite bands of all time. there is 2 words i would use to describe it - perfect and flawless. there was not a thing wrong with anything in this show (well, maybe the 2-3 times Alexi stopped singing to spit and move his hair out of his face ). The last time i saw Bodom was on the Lamb of God tour when Alexi had a broken shoulder and rib, and this was a huge improvment from that (not trying to be insulting). there was so much energy and the whole place was going crazy! The highlights of my night was them opening with Living Dead Beat (one of my favorite songs and a epic opener) and during Hate Crew Deathroll there was a part where there was just keyboards and Alexi trying to get the crowd to sing along, absolutly EPIC!! it made me realize what a awesome voice he has and how talented of a frontman he really is, it was a perfect way to end a perfect night!!! (well, until i stepped outside and realized it was downpouring....) no complaints at all!!!!! 10000000/10

1- Living Dead Beat
2- Hellhounds On My Trail
3- Silent Night, Bodom Night
4- Hate Me!
5- Follow The Reaper
6- Lake Bodom
7- Bodom After Midnight
8- Are You Dead Yet?
9- Blooddrunk
10- Angels Don't Kill
11- In Your Face
12- Children Of Decadence
13- Bodom Beach Terror
14- Downfall
15- Everytime I Die
16- Hate Crew Deathroll
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