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2 days ago i went the a Children of Bodom concert and they had ATR tickets there for $10 so i figured what the hell, they were one of the first bands i really liked alot (cuz This Darkened Heart and Fall of Ideals were 2 AMAZING albums ) and ive seen them 2 times and theve put on a good show both times.
However, the previous 2 times they had not played any songs off thier first 2 albums and now i was hoping since its their HEADLINING tour that they would have a nice long set with a variety of songs.....well i was wrong...surprise surprise....
BUT im not gonna complain, $10 to see a band who i still like even if they only play new stuff its fine by me, it just kinda pisses me off, even tho just about every band does this these days so this rant is nothing new.
All in all im still stoked about the show, and hoping for maybe a slight change in the set..
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