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Five Finger Death Punch - War is the answer - 2009

I finally got this album after waiting a week for USPS to deliver it. So much for pre-ordering it.

Anyway I was anticipating this album after loving The way of the fist so much. Some people might say the album is too much the same, or too different. I thought that it was a natural progression. They showed with the way of the fist they had found their nitch and this album doesn't deviate from that feel too much. There are a few slower even more melotic songs, namely crossing over, far from home and walk away. However I enjoyed these songs especially for they showed that the ffdp boys could branch out without selling out. They also show that they aren't just a one trick horse. Their cover of bad cumpany's bad company was a pleasant surprise, taking a few moments to reflect on an amazing song no matter who would do it, and they didn't disappoint, they added their own flavor to it which was neat.
The album has a number of harder anxty songs seen in the way of the fist, and no one gets left behind has to be a thinly valed jab at Former president Bush, and the war in Iraq.
I got the special edition, and was glad the 2 bonus tracks are good as well.

rating: 9/10
easily climbing my list for 09, tighed with Killswitch engage, both of which are still behind Amorphis's skyforger, which for me will be a difficult album to displace as number 1 for the year.
so close, no matter how far.

9/21: Uproar Festival
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