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Originally Posted by HackedUpForBBQ View Post
Wow they played "I Disappear" again? I saw them play it live back in '04 and didn't think they'd ever do it again..... it's an alright song I guess, but I'm STILL baffled as to why they don't do And Justice For All a hell of a lot more often... yeah, it's a hard song, but you can't beat that one live
I read in an interview awhile back I think with Lars and he said the reason Justice isn't played more is because everyone in the band feels it's just too long and it takes a lot out of you and that they played it every show during the Justice tour because they had too. I understand that but I don't mind that it's played so little because I think it makes it more special when they do play it. If it was in every night you know there would be people bitching "why don't they drop Justice and do something else for a change" so the band isn't gonna win either way.
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