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Originally Posted by andrew_metalhead View Post
Yea those cameras are fine .. I was talking about pro photos. Most pics taken with regular cameras don't really make it on the magazine site

But its interesting to know that they've stopped checking at HOB. That place usually was the most strict about it. I haven't been to the Hollywood HOB since July 25th.
Dude seriously, i think the old pics you used to take with your digital camera were better lol the dream theater pics were shit

i know that's why i was shocked. they are very strict as hell but nope, not anymore. i mean seriously, if Glen Helen and Irvine Meadows stop checking, then something is going on in this world. 5 shows in 2 months where i didn't get checked is very very awesome. from now on i'm taking my bullet belt and camera to all shows just in case.
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