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All That Remains -- Syracuse, NY -- September 26th, 2009

Lacuna Coil
1. I Survive
2. Underdog
3. To The Edge
4. Heaven's A Lie
5. Fragile
6. I Won't Tell You
7. Spellbound
8. Our Truth

All That Remains
1. Before The Damned
2. Not Alone
3. Become The Catalyst
4. The Air That I Breathe
5. The Weak Willed
6. Forever In Your Hands
7. Six
8. It Dwells In Me
9. Overcome
10. This Calling
11. Do Not Obey
12. Two Weeks
13. Undone
14. Days Without
15. Chiron

Just putting it up for the sake of it. When I went to Syracuse they were playing, and I decided, why the hell not. Waste of my $20, I should have known better than to go to an All That Remains headlining show. When I arrived, I had not only arrived late, but apparently the show was sold out, so I got a bit angsty for a bit, but the dude selling tickets was really nice, and I just payed $20 upfront and he said just go inside. Nice dude. I walk in and it's a bar type venue, no surprise. One immediate thing I noticed, this place was HOT. Clearly no AC going on at all. The people were one of two kinds too: either total booze wielding, tattoo filled men who thought that smelled like piss or metalcore fags with a side order of emo's in the shuffle here and there. I definitely did not belong, and the crowd made it really hard to get into, it was as if headbanging wasn't allowed . Regardless, I had mainly gone to see Lacuna Coil, and I got there at the end of "To The Edge", which meant I missed two of the four songs I was most anxious to hear, so that didn't help my situation. A nice little surprise was they played Fragile, which was not played everywhere else. On one last final positive note, Lacuna Coil are fucking heavy live. And that's saying a lot, I was in the back for them and I could barely see them, but when they pulled out their Karmacode-ers, the place just got fucking wild. Makes me regret it even more that I missed em during their Karmacode touring cycle . Point being, highlights, as no surprise, were Fragile, Heaven's A Lie, and Our Truth.

I was in the back for most of Lacuna Coil (except for Our Truth), so I was in the dead front for ATR. I just wanted to have a good time, so I figured I'd get a different position and just rock out, even though I don't like ATR that much in the first place. They took a while to set up, and it was getting more and more hot, so that only boosted my anxiety. Once the lights got dark, I (as everyone) thought they would hit the stage, but of course it took them another 10 minutes or so, and they opened with some stupid Rihanna song, and Phil Labonte was mockingly dancing to it in the back. It was a bit amusing, but it got really old and seriously, when the lights go down, the band goes on, it's a rule. But whatever, once the hip hop song ended, they opened with "Before The Damned", and the first 45-ish seconds were the best part of the set. It had a nice heavy riff, great groove, just made it seem so heavy. Then the chorus came, and I realized why I wasted my $20. If you've ever heard "Before The Damned", it's got a real heavy tune up to the chorus, and said chorus is just the same stupid chord progression with the same gay clean vocals over it that just whine about a girlfriend or some emotional revelation. And to sum it up, this proceeded throughout their whole set. Since I was in the direct front at the beginning, I voluntarily left in the middle of "Forever In You Hands" and I just hung out towards the merch and called my ride to come get me early. I then left during one of their songs to get snacks/drinks from a gas station really close, to see Andre Farros walking to his tour bus. I was wearing my Lacuna shirt, and I waved to him but he either didn't see me/ignored me . Oh well. I stayed outside in the rain waiting for my ride the night on. Only "highlights" would be "Become The Catalyst", "Six", and "Chiron" (and I consider calling Chiron a "highlight" amusing because I was outside listening to it, just couldn't take it inside anymore!). Conclusion: I'm never going to a metalcore headlining rig again, and I am certainly catching Lacuna Coil on their next tour if I can. Overall, a lame 30th show. Hopefully the 31st will be better.
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