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Om - God Is Good

God Is Good is Om's 4th studio album. Om, incase you didn't know, is a stoner/doom band made by former members of Sleep.

What you get with GIG is 4 tracks with lots of heavy middle eastern influences in the music. The first one being Thebes, which is 20 minutes long and goes through lots of changes, from starting off slow with very chill beats, and about half way through it breaks out in to what you'd normally expect from Om. The second track starts off with a usual doomy vibe, but throughout the song you will notice little melodies from a tambura, accenting the desert theme this album has going for it. The last two tracks, Cremation Ghat I and II are unlike the other tracks, less rock influenced. Basically a bass line keeps the song plodding along while the real focus seems to be in the drum beats and the chantings. Part II is less upbeat with lots of slow rhythms.

Overall this is an excellent album, no down parts that you'd want to skip through. They keep the album short and simple and don't overdue it. I'd say the main focus here is the really good beats the drummer Amos puts out. A great start sense this is the dude's first album drumming for the band.
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