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Stratovarius -- Chicago, IL -- September 25th, 2009

02.Hunting High and low
03.Speed of light
04.Kiss of Judas
05.Deep Unknown
06.A Million lightyears Away
07.Winter Skies
09.Guitar/Bass Solo
10.Forever Is Today
11.Twilight Symphony
13.Father Time
14.Black Diamond

Same set as a few others. Place was beyond small, they closed down the pearl room a few months ago and moved it to this bar. Very intimate...somehow vader is going to play there in a few weeks. Good times though. They were drinking Milwaukess best light...and i was like my favorite band does not drink crap beer so i started ordering them stellas and heinkien, somehow now I have no money haha, got them quite drunk..

Good show though...Very happy still quite drunk the next day.
Never enough shows
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