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Lamb Of God -- Oklahoma City, OK -- September 25th, 2009

This is my first review, so if it sucks, that's why. Be gentle.

On the rail for the entire show.

I fucking love the venue it was at. The security guys weren't pricks, and they gave us water. And there was air conditioning blowing on us from right above and in front of the stage.

They added a local band called A Horse Called War or something like that to the bill like a week before the show. Pretty good. The guitarist did some crazy finger picking sweeps.

Job For A Cowboy was amazing. Put on a great show. Met them after the show and got some autographs. The venue is connected to an Ihop, which is the greatest idea ever, and we sat next to A Horse Called War. Job For A Cowboy was in the next room over eating and taking pictures with fans. They are real cool guys. My friend got one of their setlists autographed so when I see it again I'll put that up.

Gwar was very entertaining and fun. I don't know the setlist off the top of my head but I'm pretty sure it's the same as the previous shows. Every post I've seen about Gwar opening for Lamb Of God was something like "Gwar was gay, that video was stupid and took forever, I had no clue what was going on." I don't see how anyone could not have fun at a Gwar show. It was my first time seeing them and I will probably go back to see them when they come to Tulsa within the next few months. All of my friends and I thought the video was fucking hilarious. At first I didn't like getting sprayed with all that red and green shit, but after a while it was fun, especially when they killed Michael Jackson and sacrificed a mutated baby by shoving a sword in it's vagina. My only complaint is that the bitch behind me kept using my shirt to wipe her face off. Stupid whore.

Lamb Of God played the same set as what's already been posted. It was fucking amazing to finally be on the rail for Lamb Of God. The crowd was a million times better than the crowd in Kansas City. Mark still wasn't there, but Doc played everything perfectly. Every member of the band locked eyes with me at one point or another and I screamed every word with them (well except Black Label, I just screamed the sounds Randy did, I really don't think there's very many actual words in that song.). I got a guitar pick thrown by Willie sometime in the middle of the show. Almost caught another and two thrown by John. After the show I caught a drumstick from Chris.

My ribs are sore, my ears are ringing horribly, I can hardly talk, my neck, back, and left knee hurt like balls and I still have Gwar filth on me.
Worth every penny.

Oh, and before Gwar started, this kid next to me asked if he could get his picture with me so he could tell his friends he met Mark Morton.
Then when I went to buy a Lamb Of God shirt, the merch dude said "Holy shit, I thought you were Mark for a second." He also recognized my friend from when he bought a shirt in Kansas City.

Best Lamb Of God show I've been to so far. Now Mark just needs to start touring with them again and they need to come back.
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