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The guitarist has like 12 pedals set up in a "U" shape. Each pedal has at least 2 switches on it. It's crazy. I took a picture of it before they came out but my flash was being a bitch and it didn't turn out. He also sings a lot of vocal parts but it is weird to have a guy never stand up even during jamming sections. Talent-wise the guy is incredible. To be able to sing and play like that at the same time is sick but it's still weird at times.

After seeing them I can't really think of a better opening act for Gojira. The bands have similarities but are really different. Yeah $12 equates out to $4 to see Burst and $8 to see Gojira. In this day and age you can't beat that with a stick. I'll see if any of the pics turned out and post a few.
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