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Actually he was bugged in the Lamb of God thread. No biggie. Not trying to bag on anyone I just don't deal well with unjustified negativity I guess. I know a guy who always corrects people and as you get older you'll learn that people really resent you for that. Personally I'd rather know but I'm not like most people.

I stand corrected. Power/Prog bands are overcharging their fans. To me Burst were prog. The dude who sits is really Steve Howe influenced and the other guy was like a prog Michael Schenker or something. I guess prog means technical to me. Manowar is power metal where I come from and there is a very thin line between prog and power I guess. Iced Earth is probably considered power metal but they're kinda prog to me also.

I really don't categorize music but the only people I know going to tonights show go to Dream Theater, Symphony X and they're going for Pagan's Mind and not Stratovarious. They'll always be my "prog" friends. hahaha
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