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Originally Posted by crusader84 View Post
Only 3 songs from AFF/OB/WM/CC!? Shit...

btw Anette's is OK, but for some other kind of music, her voice fits horrible with Nightwish sound.
They never play anything from AFF and I don't really blame them I don't think it was that good compared to the other stuff. From OB they've played SOW on and off this tour but I don't know about anything else. The first time I saw them this tour they did She Is My Sin,WM, Ever Dream and Slaying The Dreamer. The next time they did Come Cover Me, WM and Ever Dream. I know that Dead Boys Poem and Dead To The World have been played a bit during the last half of the tour.

As for Anette her voice fits well with the stuff from DPP that was written for her voice. I try not to be too hard on her with performing the old stuff I think she does an OK job with them but also keep in mind that she's performing songs that were written for someone to sing that has a totally different voice.
She really doesn't deserve all the shit some fans give her all she's doing is performing a job she was hired for. I feel if someone doesn't like the way she fits the band they should put more of the blame on Tuomas instead of her since he's the one who hired her.
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