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Originally Posted by jhdeity View Post
The last 3 posts I've seen from him were all anal. Just an observation.

Anyone who is "bugged" by the title of a post not being right either needs to twist one up or get laid... or both.

I rarely if ever classify music but if that show isn't a prog show what is it?
In his defense I don't think he was bugged, I just think he was clarifying that Strato aren't prog. Which, also in his defense, is true. I'm not being wise ass or anything, but it's true. I'm not chopping your head off for it, but it's more of a power metal show really. Or power/prog, whatever floats your boat.

And in response to your other post, I see where you're coming from with that genre of bands being really greedy. It is awfully strange to see Dragonforce, whom are bigger than any of those other bands easily, charging the lowest amount. Hopefully that changes, because I love prog/power metal too much to drop due to cash.
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