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Originally Posted by Sanitarium78 View Post
I could see fans in the larger cities like NY or LA having a "whatever" attitude when they go to see a band because they get the major shows all the time.
i can see what you're saying because i live in LA and yes we do pretty much get every tour that comes to the west coast, if not that then maybe an hour or two drive. so the attitude with a lot of fans probably are whatever like you said here because they know if they for some reason can't make the show they can just see the band another time when they tour in the next few months or next year.

and @ andrew metalhead i agree with you i saw Metallica at the forum last year on the second date. i had floor tix. amazing performance, but it seems like not everyone in the crowd was participating. a lot of people did look very chill and comfortable watching the band instead of being active and singing along the words.
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