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This show was amazing. one of the most intense iv ever been apart of, the crowd never fucking stopped they only got crazier,and more intense i loved it. I thought job for a cowboy were awsome, and im not a big death metal fan either but i like a few bands. the first song was "unfurling a darkened gospel". Gwar had good sound and every thing but i dunno beyond that I thought they were kinda gay i started to fall asleep during that 20 min video. they do go all out with their stage show but it was a mess I had no clue what was going on. I almost didnt catch the michael jackson jokes. Holly shit was Lamb Of God good, even without mark morton. iv never seen a crowd have that much energy for so long, I have a black eye, a twisted ankle, a bruise on my 4arm,a chipped tooth, and it hurts to walk, and bend my neck. I also kept loosing my shoes. But I agree with nathan id do it again any day. This is my review since im too tired to right a full one, nathan pretty much covered every thing good review man.... keep it metal

Trivium/Chimaira 11/6/09
Hatebreed/Cannibal Corpse/Unearth/Thy Will Be Done 12/19/09

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